So what’s it all about?

The Doorstep Delivery Service will offer products from your high street shops and deliver them to your doorstep. We’ll offer a weekly box, full of fruit, veg, bread, eggs, milk and cheese, and a selection of extras you can add to your order.

What’s in a box?

Depending on the shops who join us, there will be one or two boxes available – one with meat and one vegetarian. You’ll usually get lots of basic fruit and veg (potatoes, tomatoes, onions, salad, apples), some cheese, a loaf of bread, milk and eggs. The meaty boxes will include some bacon or sausages and a ‘butchers special’ – pork chops, maybe, or burgers.
There will also be a few little extras – corn-on-the-cob, mushrooms, plums and pastries, for example. We’ll try and change things up as much as we can, so you don’t end up with cabbages week after week after week…

What else can I order?

There’s lots of extra fruit, veg, cheese and salad on the website, all coming from your high street shops. But if there’s something you’d like and it’s not listed, please do feel free to send us a message and we’ll see what we can do!

Why should I order through the Doorstep Delivery Service?

We know you love your high street, just as much as we do. But sometimes it’s just not convenient to get into town to do your shopping – that’s where we come in. By shopping with us, you can have all the convenience of a grocery delivery but still support your local shops. And because all our partners are supplying their local area, your goodies will be fresher, tastier and will have far fewer food miles.

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